Total N-Tegrity (TNT) is a Standing Independent Expenditure Committee registered and certified by the Arizona Secretary of State Office for the purpose of participating in political campaigns for candidates and/or issues of interest. Its focus is to support candidates that exemplify integrity, honesty and a positive agenda to serve the people they hope to represent with dignity and respect. TNT seeks to work against the idea that the political process has to be influenced and tainted by self-serving interests whose misguided agenda is to serve themselves and not the interests of the people. TNT intends to launch campaigns totally independent of any candidate and will independently support candidates who champion open government, common sense goals and the concept of true representation of the people’s interests.



TNT has developed a political strategy to inform the voting public as to why they should reject Regina Romero, candidate for Mayor. TNT will not support or endorse a candidate for Mayor of Tucson at this time. Rather, TNT will simply oppose the candidacy of Regina Romero.


 If you are one who believes in clean government, quality representation and accountability, then this is the right cause for you. Please send your donation to the Total N-Tegrity Committee at the address listed on our contact page or click the donation button below, any amount will help. If you wish to get more involved in this effort, please contact us. 

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